Loose Parts is created by Dave Blazek, who - when he's not drawing wolverines doing surgery - is an illustrator, writer, animator, TV and Radio producer, and reformed standup comedian with two medium intestines instead of the standard large and small. Blazek's advertising work has earned more than 120 local, national and international creative awards including a Clio and several ADDYs (all currently being used to hold doors open and/or smash garlic). He is one of the leaders of MediaLab, the groundbreaking newspaper marketing group at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. And oh yeah, he previously helped create the comic Dr. Katz Professional Therapist for Comedy Central. No fewer than five Loose Parts books are in circulation, available on the Internet closest to you.

Right now, several more books are still rattling around in Blazek's brain pan and are only available via mental telepathy. Blazek actually has a real degree in Journalism from Penn State. In his spare time he plays the piano and guitar, runs like a fool and hikes any mountain taller than his head. He succeeded in marrying a beautiful woman with horrible eyesight, and he and Eileen live in the woods right next to Valley Forge National Park. It's there where he drinks good beer, stares at blank ceilings and comes up with the ideas that make Loose Parts an essential dose of your doctor-recommended daily requirement of funny oddness.

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