Loose Parts is the oddly intelligent, weirdly entertaining and impulsively funny daily comic from the strange mind of Dave Blazek. It graces newspaper pages, websites and refrigerator doors all across North America (and on other continents with smart people, too). It roams living rooms, medieval castles and science labs; it peeks into suburban kitchens and operating rooms and treks to outer space and beyond, all in the search of funny. It views the world from a different angle so you don't hurt your neck trying to do it for yourself. In Loose Parts, all the people are dumber than each other and the animals are smarter than everyone else. Most everybody wears glasses because Dave gives his characters great benefits with a really good vision plan. Loose Parts is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group and Dave also tries to sneak in a couple of homes each year and leave them in odd places. Look around and see if you can find any.

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