Know what I hate most about myself? My voice. I always thought I spoke like I had a mouthful of mashed potatoes. And that's despite years in the advertising business and as a standup comedian. But apparently, people are curious about what I sound like.

Click on the "Tall-Tale" picture above for a link to a podcast interview I did with the always interesting Tom Racine just a few years back.

Oh sure, it's missing some recent developments like my move to the Washington Post Syndicate - but Tom does a fantastic job of making the hour fly by like it was minutes. You'll learn about how I got started, how I work and learn the sceret of comedy. It's a nice listen. Give it, and Tom's other podcasts, a shot.

December 31, 2016


Here's something you may not know: Loose Parts isn't done on paper.

Oh, it was at one time. But now I, like many other cartoonists, have started producing my cartoons on a thing called a Cintiq. (It's pronounced sin-teak.) It's basically a big flatscreen TV on a gimbel that allows me to rotate it and change the angle as I see fit. Then I use a stylus and draw right on the screen.

It was a little awkward at first. The tip didn't quite hit the 'paper' but rather rode on the screen a fraction above. But my feeble brain adjusted in no time and now it's just about as pleasant drawing on the screen as it is on a piece of paper.

But boy has it made me more productive. I used to draw each Loose Parts on paper. Then ink over the pencil lines. Then erase (and boy was I a horrible eraser.) Then I would scan everything and then add color and/or grays and shadings. So you can see that drawing and coloring right into a digital file cuts out a whole mess of time thus allowing me more time to drink beer and play the guitar.

It also allows me to instantly recall mistakes, and I make a bunch of those. My lines are purer and thicker. My drawing has gotten better. And I hope the jokes have gotten funnier. The only downsides are the tons of cords now snaking around my table, and the lack of paper originals. But don't depair. If you want a Loose Parts of your very own, I can still work one up for you.

In the meantime, the Cintiq has allowed me more time to write even weirder jokes so this is one time technology has not only benefitted me, but you.

December 7, 2014


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