What's goin' down up in my head?

Well, I'm playing more music than ever. As a fairly new guitar player, I'm constantly trying to play with other folks and grab their techniques. My pickin' is getting better than ever. And now I've started playing a lot of harmonica as I play. I guess if they can give Dylan a Nobel Prize, this seemed like the path to take.

Which takes me to books, more specifically, a great book on music. It's called Here, There and Everywhere by Geoff Emerick. Emerick was the engineer who recorded the bulk of the Beatles' most famous recordings. And this book details his experiences in the studio as he details all their sessions. He covers everything from how he miked up the lads to get the sounds we all know, to what it was like being there when John brought Yoko in and put her in a bed right in Abbey Road recording studios. An awesome read.

The other most recommendable book I've read recently is One More Day by Kelly Simmons. Full disclosure, she's a friend of mine, but she writes tremendous novels. One More Day fits into a beautiful slot between normalcy and fantasy. It's the story of a woman whose young son is kidnapped and presumably dead...until he appears to her for one more day than disappears again. Curious? Check out more about the book and Kelly's works here: http://www.kellysimmonsbooks.com/index/.

I've also started returning to an earlier form of animation work. I've been doing corporate animations using After Effects, but I used to cobble together a process using Photoshop and a free off-the-shelf piece of sequencing software. Much the way older animation has an interesting feel, so does this. Want to see an example? Click on the picture to see one I've posted on my facebook page. And while you're there, friend me. It's where lots of fans hang out and where I share Loose Partsy stuff.

And finally, I'm listening to a lot of a group called Clem Snide. And a lot of work by its lead singer Eef Barzelay. If you like indie music with a quirky twist, this is for you. If you wondered what an odd cartoonist listens to while he works, this will give you a pretty good idea.

December 31, 2016